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Ready to Revise Your Class Attendance Policy?

Are you satisfied with the number of students who attend your class regularly? Is your Friday class meeting disappointingly lower in attendance compared to your Wednesday class session?  Maybe it is time to consider implementing an attendance-required policy in...

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Getting Students to Understand Your Syllabus

Does it seem like your students never bother reading the syllabus? A quick Google-image search of “it’s in the syllabus” will reveal countless cartoons-some humorous and some not so humorous-suggesting that students insufficiently paying attention to the syllabus is...

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Remember to Explain WHY You Assign Homework

Do you ever hesitate giving your students homework? By middle of the term, my students too often groan in agony when I distribute their next homework assignment.  Despite their protests, I am convinced homework is worth the time students devote to completing it.  I...

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