In order to encourage its members to undertake scholarly initiatives, in 1987 the Executive Board of the Society for College Science Teachers (SCST) voted to dedicate $1, 000 each year to help college science teachers who were members of SCST initiate projects that advance the objectives of the Society. In 1994, the Board voted to increase the funds to $1,500. The increase allows SCST the flexibility to fund a greater number of initiatives or more costly initiatives.

The purpose of these funds is to support the goals of SCST through activities that address at least one of the following:

  1. Further the development and/or the improvement of college science courses
  2. Enhance communication among college science teachers and researchers at all levels
  3. Promote awareness of the significance of exceptional science teaching

SCST members in good standing may submit applications either as:

  1. an individual undertaking and directing a project, or
  2. a team that includes at least one SCST member who will undertake and direct a project*

(* the SCST member participating, in the proposal activity must be the project director and must sign the application.)




SCST Mini-grant

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