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Dear Colleagues,

Are you a constructivist?  If the answer is yes, you are cordially invited to submit a manuscript [chapter] for our next monograph.  The thematic thread is found in the following title:

Promoting Social Constructivism: Collaboration, Cooperation, Teams and Peer Instruction

The Society of College Science Teachers’ purpose for a monograph states:  “To document and communicate innovative ideas and approaches to issues that foster excellence, with the thought of stimulating more effective science teaching at the college level.”

Editorial guidelines will be consistent with those of the society.  Members of the society will receive free electronic copies of the monograph.

Following are some monographs which have been published:

  • Innovations in College Science Teaching, Editors: John Dunkhouse and John Penick, 1988
  • Enhancing Critical Thinking in College Science, Editor: Linda Crow, 1989
  • Successful Approaches to Teaching Introductory College Science, Editors: Mario Caprio and William MacIntosh, 1992
  • Science Discoveries and Science Teaching: The Link, Editors: Eleanor Siebert and Charles Estee, 1994
  • From Traditional Approaches Toward Innovation, Editor: Mario Caprio, 1997
  • College Science Teacher’s Guide to Assessment, Editors Tom Lord, Don French, Linda Crow

The monographs below have been approved for publication:

  • 2009 Technology in the College Science Classroom
  • 2010 The Inquiry Lab in the 21st Century
  • 2011 Engaging and Motivating the College Student
  • 2012 Formative Assessment for the College Science Classroom
  • 2013 Pomoting Social Constructivism: Collaboration, Cooperation, Teams and Peer Instruction

Please consider this opportunity to share your ideas with your colleagues.  Final drafts will not be accepted after August 1, 2012.  Please e-mail  manuscripts to:

Sandra M. Latourelle

SUNY Plattsburgh

Department of Biological Sciences

W: 518-564-5163

Call For 2013 Monograph – you can download this file here.

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